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Tree Pose

Weight Management

I'm Kimberly Stalnaker am here to offer an integrative approach to Weight Management customized to your body's needs.

Integrative Approach to Maximize Treatment Options

Completely Tailored to Your Body's Unique Needs 

My approach to weight management is to combine the best of Conventional Medicine using medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide while using the wealth of therapies available through a functional lens like Peptide Therapy, LDN & Vitamin Injections.

I offer custom weight loss plans tailored to each individual's needs. Your plan will be based on your own labs, your story and your medical history so we can create the most effective plan. I look for the root cause of your weight gain issues to ensure a lasting result. 

Whole Person Treatment

Weight Management is not about self hate, this should be a reflection of self love and investing in your wellbeing. Sometimes the issues are more than physical and as such I often provide referrals for Nutritional Counseling or Functional Psychiatry. With the help you need, you can achieve lasting weight loss and improved overall health.


We do not use phentermine. 

Weight loss consultation is $200.  Semaglutide, Tirzepatide or other medications are not included in the price.  

Labs are not included.  We are able to bill insurance for labs or we can provide low cost cash based lab services. 

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