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New Patients

What to expect at your appointment

Functional Medicine Appointment

In an integrative appointment we will have 90 min to discuss your case.  We will have read through your intake information before the appointment so we can spend more time discussing your concerns. If your appointment is in person,  we will do a focused physical exam as your body will give us clues to your health.  We will usually order comprehensive labs which are usually covered by your insurance.  However, there are often advanced integrative labs that need to be ordered that will not be covered by insurance. A treatment plan will be started but will not be finalized until we review labs.  A follow up appointment is required for any comprehensive laboratory testing.

Please complete the comprehensive new patient forms that are sent to you when you make an appointment.  Please be as detailed as possible. Even the smallest detail matters in integrative medicine.  Our job is to dig deeper to find the root cause of your disease.  Sometimes the answer is related to something you think is not important.  We will discuss your lifestyle, your stressors, your environmental exposures as all of these will affect your health. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement & Thyroid Hormone Consultation

This appointment is 60 in length.  Kimberly Specializes in an individualized approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and can offer static dosing of hormone creams for females or physiologic restoration of hormones for both males and females as well as testosterone replacement therapy for men. At this time we do not offer pellet therapy. Conditions treated include PCOS, early menopause, perimenopause and menopause as well as testicular hypofunction.  We provide a whole person approach to hormone replacement therapy. 

Weight Loss Consultation

We offer comprehensive evaluation for root causes of weight gain.  Losing weight is not just about taking a pill or an injection.  Understanding why you are having trouble with weight loss helps to produce long term results.  We offer HCG, Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, peptides and vitamin injections to support your weight loss goals.  We are able to refer you for nutrition counseling with IFM FDN practitioner including treatment for disordered eating.  

Primary Care Pediatrics 

Physical exam appointments for pediatrics are 30 min. We accept patients 1 year and older, regardless of vaccination status.  We respect your right to choose and will help you make the best decision regarding vaccinations for your child.  We are not anti-vaxx providers. Vaccines are a safe and effective way to prevent illness, but we realize it is not a one size fits all model.  Our goal is to guide parents on how to make an informed decision for their child.  We want you to feel heard and to feel safe when choosing vaccines for your child.  Because we are holistic providers who take the extra time with our patients, we DO NOT accept insurance.     

Acute Appointments Available

Once you are established either as a patient you have access to acute care services for adults and pediatrics during and after office hours with direct contact with a provider. These appointments can be in person or remote based on availability.

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