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Holistic Primary Care

Treating Adult and Pediatric Patients (over 1 year of age)

Doctor's Visit

Primary Care
from a
Functional Lens 

  • WE LISTEN TO YOU.  As an integrative practice, our focus for your health is wellness.  We will take the time to listen to you and to help you understand how to optimize your health. That may include the use of conventional medicines with or without nutraceuticals or herbal medicines.    

  • WE ACCEPT AGE 1 - 100 -  Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept children under the age of 1.  We have a flat fee for adults and a seperate fee for children under the age of 18.  

  • WE RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE- At Carolina Integrative Wellness,  we believe families who have educated themselves on the topic have a right to choose how and when they wish to vaccinate their families. Although we can follow the guidelines set forward by the CDC/AAP, if informed parents choose to follow an alternative schedule or not to give certain vaccines, that is their right, and we will respect that right.We respect your desire to have a say in your health and in the health of your children.  We do not require masks and we do no require vaccinations to be seen.  We are not anti-vax.  We can assist with developing a vaccine plan and help optimize your body's response to vaccine to prevent adverse reactions, if that is your choice. 

  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT INSURANCE  - We are a cash based practice, our fees are reasonable.  We offer primary care and acute care services at competitive rates. 

  • COMPLEX CASES REQUIRE COMPLEX SERVICES - for that reason anyone with an autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, or other complex illness will require an initial integrative appointment which is a higher fee.   

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